Advanced Technologies

Acetek Capabilities

Acetek Composites supplies repair and product solutions. We develop close relationships with our customers ensuring that you have access to the best technologies, as we focus on innovation, cost, and quality. Acetek sets the benchmark in the aerospace industry for value-added repair and manufacturing services.


Production Equipment and Services

  • In-house process equipment for hot and cold bond repairs.
  • Clean-room for part lay-up; large curing ovens
  • 3-axis CNC core milling
  • CAD-CAE-CAM technologies:
  • Mobile repair services to meet  off-site, on-aircraft repair needs
  • Design/build composite lay-up mandrels and tooling
  • EB curing and repair technology
  • Radome testing services
  • Full painting services

Acetek has also recently added a new radar transmission testing facility to ensure repaired radomes meet your needs. This facility has two anechoic chambers for testing and automated data acquisition, making it the only such testing facility in Canada.



Acetek currently holds two licenses approvals from Transport Canada, with additional approvals pending.  These approvals
allow us to provide a wide variety of products and services to meet our customer requirements and expectations. 

• Approved Maintenance Organization (573) 2001
  - Repair Design Certificates 
• Approved Manufacture and Certification Organization (AWM 561) 2004
  - Several Supplemental Type Certificates

Acetek is ISO/AS 9100 compliant.  

Total Quality

Acetek specializes in cargo and cabin panel repair/replacement services for airline owners/operators of Airbus and Boeing commercial jet aircraft.  We have an exemplary performance record.  To date, Acetek has completed over 10,000 repair service orders for a variety of customers. 

Acetek plans for quality and we build it into our products and services.  We employ a 1, 2, 3 approach to Quality:

• First, we ensure that every item that goes into one of our products or repairs comes from
  a quality-screened and approved supplier.
• Second, we employ only highly skilled technicians; graduates of accredited training centres
  with experience in the aviation and aerospace industries.
• Third, every deliverable is inspected by qualified personnel holding Shop Certification Authority
  prior to release. All releases are on TCCA approved forms.

A copy of the Acetek Quality Assurance Manual is available upon request.

Quality begins at the front door and never ends!